2022 BIC Online Investment Forum

We are pleased to partner with the Taiwan Institute of Directors, Taiwan Stock Exchange and IPR Advisors for A post-pandemic world: Exploring Taiwan’s best-in-class (BIC) online foreign investment forum on 12–16 September. The platform offers 30 Taiwanese companies with strong characteristics and quality to connect with global investors and contribute to the prosperity and development of the Taiwanese stock market.

The aim is to help Taiwan-listed companies fulfil an essential role in global investment and to discuss global sustainability standards. The forum will invite companies and international institutional investors to online meetings for an exchange of opinions and ideas between corporate representatives and government officials, buy-side investors, sell-side analysts and existing shareholders.

Monday 12 September 2022, Forum Opening Agenda and Speakers:

Language: Chinese/English

Audience: Government officials, corporate representatives, honourable guests and media.

Event: 9/12-9/16 “A Post-Pandemic World: Exploring Taiwan Best-in-Class” foreign investment online forum opening

10:30 Reception
11:00 Opening remarks (Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) – Mr Lih-Chung Chien, President)
11:05 Taiwan Securities Market Sustainability Development (TWSE Corporate Governance Dept. – Ms Pony Huang, Senior Vice President)
11:35 Marine Development and Sustainability Impact (Yang Ming Marine Transportation – Mr Cheng-Mount Cheng, Chairman)
12:05 “Taiwan Best-in-Class” Investment Opportunities (Taiwan Institutes of Director – Mr Allen Tsai, Founder)
12:35 Importance of Capital Market Communications (IPR Advisors – Ms Jenny Tsai and Ms Susan Lin, Partners)
13:05 International ESG Development Trends and Corporate Impacts (Edison Group)

Tuesday 13 September 2022, Online Agenda and Speakers:

Language: English

Audience: Open to all participants

14:00 Opening Remarks (TWSE – Ms Rebecca Chen, Senior Executive Vice President)
14:05 Taiwan ESG Strategic Development and Plans (TWSE Corporate Governance Dept. – Ms Cindy Lin, Project Manager)
14:30 “Taiwan Best-in-Class” Investment Opportunities (Taiwan Institute of Directors – Mr Allen Tsai, Founder
15:00 TBD – IPR Advisors – Ms Jenny Tsai, Partner and TBD

Companies available for online meetings:

  1. United Microelectronics Corporation (2303.TW, Market Cap. USD 16,908 mn)
  2.  Wanhai Lines (2615.TW, Market Cap. USD 8,950 mn)
  3.  Grape King (1707.TW, Market Cap. USD683 mn)
  4. Chroma (2360.TW, Market Cap. USD2,443 mn)
  5. Polaris (6550.TW, Market Cap. USD2,873 mn)
  6. Giant (9921.TW, Market Cap. USD 3,094 mn)

If you are interested in joining the forum or meeting any of the above companies, please contact Fiona Chang (0978-602-853, ipr@ipradvisors.com) by 31 August 2022.