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Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets have been making the headlines in recent months, polarising the investment community with an equal number of strong advocates and fierce critics (even within the same financial institution or research house). Moreover, valid conclusions, backed by in-depth research, are mixed up with ideological, poorly researched conclusions both for and against the theme. We have decided to look at both sides of the same (Bit)coin to extract the investment thesis behind this new asset class. Each part of this Edison Explains series looks at one feature of BTC and the broader cryptocurrency landscape (broadly referred to as ‘altcoins’). We conclude by summarising our subjective view on how positive or negative we believe the feature is for BTC’s investment thesis.



Five things every investor needs to know about Mynaric

The US Space Development Agency (SDA) is building a new network of up to a thousand reconnaissance satellites to address emerging threats such as hypersonic cruise missiles. Germany’s Mynaric is one of only a few companies worldwide that has been awarded contracts to supply the laser communication terminals, which will provide the vital links between satellites in this new network.

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