Heliad Equity Partners (XETRA: HPBK)

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Heliad Equity Partners aims to invest in market-leading private companies and skilled entrepreneurs across sectors and regions to power their next phase of growth and act as a gateway to public equity markets by leveraging its experienced team and strategic partners.

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Equity Analyst

Milosz Papst

Milosz Papst

Director, Financials

Key Management

  • Falk Schäfers


Share Price Performance

Price Performance
% 1M 3M 12M
Actual 0.0 (7.4) (21.0)
Relative 0.2 (4.7) (35.2)
52 week high/low €5.7/€3.7


Heliad Equity Partners (HEP) saw a decline in its NAV per share between end-2021 and end-March 2023 of c 48% to €7.35, mostly on the back of the de-ratings of listed holdings (in particular flatexDEGIRO), as well as an NAV dilutive share issue in March 2023. That said, the valuations of HEP’s private holdings have remained largely resilient during recent funding rounds, and Enpal even carried out a new round in Q422 at a significant uplift to its previous valuation. Moreover, flatexDEGIRO’s share price has rebounded by c 32% in the year to date. HEP recently announced its intention to enter into merger negotiations with FinLab (its major shareholder and owner of HEP’s investment manager).

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Robert Murphy

Managing Director, Financials and Investment Trusts

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