European Opportunities Trust (LSE: JEO)

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The objective of European Opportunities Trust (EOT) is to invest in securities of European and UK companies, in sectors or geographical areas that are considered by the investment manager to offer good prospects for capital growth, taking into account economic trends and business development.

Equity Analyst

Joanne Collins

Joanne Collins

Analyst, Investment Trusts

Key Management

  • Richard Pavry


Share Price Performance


European Opportunities Trust’s (EOT’s) manager, Alexander Darwall, invests in globally focused companies with unique technologies, favourable industry structures and multiple growth channels, with the aim of constructing a resilient portfolio capable of generating capital growth in all economic climates. EOT’s long-term performance is strong in absolute and relative terms, with average annualised returns of 11.4% on an NAV basis and 10.2% in share price terms over the 10 years to end-July 2022. This compares with a benchmark total return of 9.2%. Recent performance has improved notably after some setbacks in 2020 and 2021, providing confirmation of Darwall’s stock selection skills and vindication of his consistent, high-conviction, patient investment approach.


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