Executive Interview – Carmat

Published on 26 June 2017

Stéphane Piat, CEO of Carmat, discusses the limitations of human heart transplant availability that build the commercial case for the development of its biocompatible artificial heart implant. He also outlines the characteristics that differentiate the Carmat heart from the SynCardia artificial heart and from ventricular assistance devices, which can potentially lead to better tolerability, less thrombosis risk and improved patient outcomes. He then discusses the next steps needed to advance the Carmat heart project and summarises the company’s financial position and requirements.

Carmat is developing a biocompatible, artificial heart to satisfy the lack of donor hearts available for terminal heart failure patients. The development process combines the expertise of a wide range of technical and medical experts. The company completed a feasibility study in early 2016 and started a European pivotal study in mid-2016, for which recruitment resumed in May 2017.

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