Heliad Equity Partners (XETRA: HPBK)

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Heliad Equity Partners aims to invest in market-leading private companies and skilled entrepreneurs across sectors and regions to power their next phase of growth and act as a gateway to public equity markets by leveraging its experienced team and strategic partners.

Equity Analyst

Milosz Papst

Milosz Papst

Director, Financials

Key Management

  • Falk Schäfers


Share Price Performance

Price Performance
% 1M 3M 12M
Actual (6.3) 15.0 (51.6)
Relative (5.1) 5.2 (53.9)
52 week high/low €9.3/€3.7


Heliad Equity Partners (HEP) reported a 3.6% decrease in net asset value (NAV) over the four-month period ending January 2023, bringing the NAV decrease since end 2021 to 45.4%. flatexDEGIRO (FTK) was the main valuation driver and remains HEP’s largest asset (38% of the portfolio). Meanwhile, HEP’s private portfolio saw successful funding rounds at Enpal and Razor Group in recent months. HEP recently issued 1.6m new shares, raising €7m in new capital to facilitate further investments. Given that the share issue was carried out at a 43.6% discount to end-January 2023 NAV, we calculate that it will result in a c 5% NAV per share dilution.

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