Executive interview – VolitionRx announces second quarter 2017 financial results

Published on 10 August 2017

Cameron Reynolds, president and CEO of VolitionRx explains: “We have had numerous highlights this quarter, with strong progress being made on many fronts. I am delighted with the growing strength of new talent in our team, especially the growth in our Research & Development team in Belgium. We are also fortunate to be working with institutions and individuals who have brilliant reputations. We continue to announce large trials, such as the recent signing of a 13,500-patient US trial in colorectal cancer. We believe that this most recently announced trial, with a cost to us of only $3m, represents an exceptional value for our money. We look forward to achieving additional milestones in the upcoming quarters and sharing further exciting news.”

Volition (NYSE:VNRX) is a multinational life sciences company developing simple, easy-to-use, blood-based cancer tests to accurately diagnose a range of cancers. For more information, visit Volition’s website (http://www.volitionrx.com).

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