Oasmia Pharmaceutical: Edison Open House Healthcare 2022

Published on 9 February 2022

Oasmia Pharmaceutical is a Swedish speciality pharma company focusing on its proprietary XR-17 technology platform to develop novel formulations of well-established cytostatic oncology treatments for human and animal health. Key assets include Apealea (partnered with Elevar), docetaxel micellar and Cantrixil.

• Tell us about Oasmia and provide a high-level overview of its ongoing transformation.
• What can be expected from the imminent European launch of Apealea and what are your commercialisation plans?
• Please describe your ‘string of pearls’ strategy and how you are using it to build a diversified oncology portfolio.
• Please provide an update on the development of Cantrixil and the planned next steps, as well as on your other clinical asset, docetaxel micellar?
• Which milestones should investors focus on in the coming year?

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