Executive Interview – WANdisco

Published on 15 July 2016

CEO David Richards explains how the big data landscape has evolved as enterprises opt for hybrid cloud deployments for improved flexibility and how WANdisco has evolved its business to adapt to this dynamic. He discusses the OEM partnership with IBM, the mutual benefits that each party should gain from the relationship and the status with other partners such as Amazon Web Services. He describes how WANdisco’s financial model has changed with the move to a partner-centric business model, discusses the company’s pathway to profitability and the key milestones that investors should look for over the course of the next year.

WANdisco is a distributed computing company. It has applied its proprietary replication technology to open source tools to establish itself in the software version control market. It is now establishing a promising position in the cloud and big data infrastructure markets, where it has partnerships with many of the leading players in these fields, including IBM, Amazon, Oracle, Google and Microsoft.

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