Executive Interview – VolitionRx

Published on 25 April 2019

VolitionRx has hosted capital markets events at the NYSE

VolitionRx is a life sciences company developing novel, simple-to-use, blood-based tests to diagnose a broad range of cancers and other conditions by identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream. VolitionRx’s proprietary Nu.Q technology detects the level and structure of nucleosomes in the blood using one drop of blood. It is focused on colorectal and lung cancers based on the most recently published proof-of-concept data from studies with clinical-grade Nu.Q assays. At its capital markets day, VolitionRx also provided more details about the most recent expansion into the veterinary space (MoU signed with the Texas A&M University) and development of the so-called Nu.Q Capture technology, which investigates the use of Nu.Q to purify or enrich tumour-associated nucleosomes.

In this video, the company’s chief executive officer, Cameron Reynolds, discusses the latest newsflow, highlights from the capital markets day in New York and what comes next for VolitionRx.

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