Executive interview – Thin Film Electronics

Published on 9 May 2018

Thin Film Electronics (Thinfilm) provides complete mobile marketing solutions that enable brands to connect directly with consumers via electronic tags, instead of having the marketing message filtered by search engines, social media sites and e-commerce sites. The tags may also be used to authenticate a product or as anti-theft devices. Thinfilm has developed a highly innovative printed electronic technology, which, once its new fabrication facility is fully operational in 2019, will enable the manufacture of electronic tags in the volumes and at the price-point required for the deployment of billions of tags on a wide range of items, broadening the Internet of Things into the Internet of Everything.

In this interview, CEO Davor Sutija explains how Thinfilm’s NFC-based mobile marketing solutions provide a new way for brands to interact with consumers. He discusses the status of the programme to expand production capacity for ubiquitous deployment of NFC tags and the steps that management is taking to ensure that both Apple and Android users can read the tags. He concludes by analysing how the recent Q118 results demonstrate that the company is on track to reach cash break-even in 2019.

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