Executive interview – e-Therapeutics

Published on 9 August 2017

e-Therapeutics (ETX) is a UK-based drug discovery company that has developed a proprietary, computer-based discovery platform based on network biology. In this interview Dr Ray Barlow, CEO of e-Therapeutics, provides an overview of the company, and outlines the output of its recent strategic review and its focus moving forward.

Network-driven approaches could potentially revolutionise drug discovery and shorten the path to market by increasing productivity, minimising technical risks and drug development costs. ETX is differentiated from its competitors through its expertise in curating, processing and analysing data in the context of mechanistic modelling of disease. It offers public market investors a unique opportunity to gain exposure to a proprietary, cutting-edge, in-silico drug discovery platform that has already attracted significant investment and has been fully operational since 2014. This second-generation platform has generated new chemical entities (NCEs) in several different disease areas and is on the cusp of commercial validation. ETX’s strength is in its discovery capability, particularly in complex disease; it is focusing its own internal discovery efforts in the area of immuno-oncology and is in the process of taking the first wave of discovery assets out to the industry for out-licensing.

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