Diurnal Group: Edison Open House Healthcare 2022

Published on 18 February 2022

Diurnal Group is a specialty pharma company developing new formulations of hormone-based products for the treatment of endocrine disorders.

• Tell us more about the company.
• Is it fair to say there is a high unmet need in this area, as many of the existing treatments are older?
• What is the market opportunity for your drug, Efmody, which was recently launched in the EU and UK?
• What is the importance of the natural rhythms of the body with regard to the dosing schedule for hormonal treatments?
• How big is the market opportunity?
• What are the plans for the development of Efmody in the US?
• Please tell us about your other products, Alkindi and DITEST?
• Which milestones should investors look out for in the coming year?

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