The Weekly – Wondering about windfalls

Published on 22-05-2022 08:03:01

As Britain’s record lottery jackpot winner revealed that his dream had been to buy a Skoda estate, we were assessing what to do with other godsends, with two of Boris’s most senior advisers said to be ‘on the warpath’ over plans to impose a windfall tax on oil and gas companies. As the number of billionaires in Britain increased to a new record, Amazon said it had invested more than £1bn in British TV, movie and live sport content since 2018.


Corporates were getting ready to enjoy rewards, with Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management agreeing to pay £4.1bn for emergency repairs group HomeServe and property tycoon Nick Candy considering bidding for online shopping group THG. The sale of a $142m Mercedes-Benz smashed Ferrari’s classic car record.


Elsewhere, stocks of goodwill were running out as the Bank of England’s current governor warned of ‘apocalyptic’ global food price rises and a former governor said central banks shared responsibility for the cost of living crisis. As Goldman Sachs’ CEO said there’s a 30% chance of a US recession within two years, Elon Musk reckoned the US was probably already in one. Sri Lanka defaulted on its debts for the first time in its history and revealed that it was down to its last day of petrol. Tips were said to be no longer enough to tempt enough Americans to work in restaurants.


A tourist ended up out of pocket after driving a Maserati down Rome’s iconic Spanish Steps. And a customer at a Florence coffee bar called the police after being charged €2 for a decaffeinated espresso.

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