The Weekly – Waging battles but not a war

Published on 25-10-2020 09:39:13

Boris Johnson is adamant that he’s not at war with the north of England but, as the lengthening list of cities and counties under tier 3 COVID-19 restrictions suggests, he’s waging plenty of battles.

Gyms are key battlegrounds as territories turn different colours on the lockdown map. In the Brexit talks, meanwhile, fishing rights in coastal waters are contested territories.

Across the pond, Trump faces foes on fronts ranging from defamation lawsuits to the funding of his Mexican wall, the music played at his election campaign rallies and a previously undisclosed bank account in China. 

Then there’s the battle for the White House. If a defeated Trump refuses to surrender, America’s Secret Service allegedly has a plan.

Brussels, meanwhile, is said to be adopting more of a ‘Yes Minister’ style of approach. That might allow Boris to claim victory even if he compromises, but even then it may not be over. After all, is it possible to win a war that you’ve never fought?


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