The Weekly – Unsure whether to endure or enjoy our last days before ‘freedom’, with ‘pingdemic paralysis’ and a $100,000 job eating tacos

Published on 18-07-2021 08:45:04

As Boris confirmed that ‘Freedom day’ is still happening tomorrow, some were already renaming it ‘Anxiety day’. We were struck by ‘pingdemic paralysis’ and chaos, with 1.6 million people in England told to isolate and the government’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty warning that the pandemic could return again surprisingly quickly. As a 1972 paper predicting the collapse of society by 2050 looked to be bang on schedule, a man who paid $28m to explore the frontiers of space was too busy to go and replaced by an 18-year-old. Uncertain of what happens next, the FTSE All-Share ended the week lower.



Our new ‘free’ world looked to have more, rather than fewer, rules, even if they can’t be enforced. Already receiving a ‘kick in the Balearics’, we’ll have to contend with inflation reaching 4% and know the effect on our carbon footprint of every food or drink we consume Urged to count butterflies and not talk to the bride at a wedding, we’ll be left in wonder at a six-year-old digital bank valued higher than NatWest and its multi-billionaire 36-year-old founder citing Elon Musk as his leadership hero because of the Tesla CEO’s perfect combination of ‘rationality and craziness’.



Still, even if you don’t bag this job and get paid $100,000 a year to eat tacos, you can travel on Tibet’s first bullet train with oxygen pumped in to prevent altitude sickness, or stay at home and relax, knowing that an area of the moon bombarded by asteroids 4.2 billion years ago is now a ‘Sea of Serenity’.

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