The Weekly – Steeling ourselves against old foes with new tricks

Published on 05-12-2021 00:00:00

This week there were flashbacks to last year as we grappled with the emergence of the new Omicron variant. Markets were a rollercoaster ride, but the message from the WHO was ‘don’t panic’. Old rivalries flared up again. Beijing wants China-linked US businesses to pressure the US government as relations deteriorate, while a large-scale Russian offensive in Ukraine could be just around the corner. And just five months after its debut, ride-hailing giant Didi Global said it plans to withdraw from the NYSE and pursue a Hong Kong listing as it bends to Chinese regulators. Edison’s Russell Pointon featured in the Evening Standard commenting on Auction Technology Group’s stellar results.


When storm clouds gather, sometimes the best option is to just wait it out. A blizzard in Denmark forced dozens to bed down for the night in Ikea, while our own Storm Arwen caused plenty of havoc – guests at Britain’s highest pub were nevertheless happy it locked them in for three nights. Let’s hope deadly shepherd’s pie wasn’t on the menu as it was for these unfortunate pub goers.


There was plenty of personal drama along the way. Jack Dorsey said goodbye to Twitter, while Tiger Woods is going part-time. And as Spotify users looked back on this year’s listening with the annual ‘Wrapped’ video, this intern claims she invented it. One bride caused a particular stir with an anti-vax table at her wedding.


Often, it helps to focus on the bigger picture and nobler pursuits. Scientists found that clusters of frog cells can undergo a form of replication never seen before in plants or animals, while NASA scientists have created a framework to ask if alien life exists.

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