The Weekly – Preparing for an Italian job, with ‘Harry Caine’ and a pinch-me moment to beat Richard Branson’s

Published on 11-07-2021 09:52:22

As England’s football team readied to finish off its ‘Italian Job’ tonight, other Latins were having their moment in the sun. As Matteo Berrettini became the nation’s first tennis player to reach a Wimbledon singles final, a Post It Note-sized sketch from another of its favourite sons fetched $12m at auction – though the money won’t go to his newly-discovered 14 male descendants. Italy was included in the amber list of nations from which the fully-vaccinated are able to return without needing to quarantine, while the owner of Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Maserati safeguarded more than 1,000 UK jobs by announcing it is to base its electric van production in Ellesmere Port. Unfortunately for Italians, Goldman Sachs’ judgement was that football is probably coming home.



There were plenty of ‘pinch-me moments,’ to rival Richard Branson’s, with the global COVID-19 death toll reaching 4 million, Chinese researchers proposing deflecting ‘Armageddon’ asteroids with rockets and Iceland achieving the economic ‘holy grail’ of reducing working hours at the same rate of pay with no loss of productivity. As parents of children called Alexa challenged Amazon’s right to make the name the default wake word for its smart speakers, English Heritage took it upon itself to tell us all what our surnames mean.



As for the gallant semi-final losers, at least Denmark built the World’s tallest sandcastle. Now all ‘Harry Caine’ has to do is beat two of the world’s best defenders and make history against the Italians tonight.

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