The Weekly – Getting the beers in

Published on 11-04-2021 08:45:00

It was a week when all the talk was of tomorrow, when we can say ‘cheers’ semi-properly, seated outside a pub and obeying all the rules. We don’t need to eat a substantial meal, but if we do, we might want to bring our own ketchup. There’s an extra point for spotting Boris Johnson, two for seeing David Cameron and five if he’s accompanied by Rishi Sunak. All this didn’t stop AstraZeneca having another miserable week but, according to Edison’s latest sector review, the end of lockdown bodes well for a COVID-19 recovery in the leisure industry.


We were upbeat about markets, with only yesterday ruining a potential clean sweep of daily trading day gains to the FTSE All-Share Index. JP Morgan’s CEO said the US was on the edge of a ‘Goldilocks moment,’ entering a post-COVID-19 boom. Physicists were ‘over the muon’ after discovering a new force of nature when experimenting with a subatomic particle.

Though the week ended sadly, we were grateful for public service and wanted to raise a cheer. And after tomorrow we will be able to do so together.


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