The weekly – Doubling up

Published on 28-02-2021 09:00:00

With Boris promising an ‘incomparably better’ summer due to a phased release from COVID-19 lockdown, we were left asking for dates as well as data, but around us many things seemed to be happening in twos.



Headphone maker Koss saw its shares nearly double in two days while the GameStop game almost matched that achievement in just 24 hours. Edison clients Yellow Cake and Target Healthcare REIT both saw fund-raisings oversubscribed, while our report into meat alternatives was doubly vindicated, with Swedish alt-milk brand Oatly seeking a $10bn US float and Beyond Meat signing a deal to supply McDonald’s with McPlant burgers. Much less auspiciously, England’s cricket team was defeated in the first two-day test match since 1935 as batsman Jonny Bairstow bagged a pair.



As Saudi Arabia works out how rich it is, here are some other conundrums in lieu of a maths GCSE exam. If the number of female directors of FTSE 100 companies keeps rising by 50% every five years, then it should double every decade. But how long will it take Apple to multiply its total acquisitions by two if it keeps buying companies every three to four weeks? And who can make sense of TV bosses granting Frasier a revival after 20 years but taking twice that amount of time to put a content advisory disclaimer on watching The Muppet Show.

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