The Weekly – Deploying a ‘dead cat’ strategy but providing a private plane for Munchkin the pet pooch

Published on 12-12-2021 07:13:00

As Boris was accused of utilising his favourite crisis strategy to divert attention from ‘partygate’ revelations, a leaked letter about his alleged involvement in an Afghan dog airlift and the result of a home décor investigation, we weren’t clear whether distraction tactics were working. The PM was certainly in need of a sideshow but even his fresh COVID-19 restrictions and seventh child were not sufficient to change the agenda. Elsewhere, apologising didn’t do the trick for Allegra Stratton or Finland’s prime minister and seemed to make things worse for the boss who fired 900 staff on a Zoom call. Elon Musk threatening to quit his day jobs only left us more confused about what he actually does.


In the real world, distractions were sorely needed, with UK economic growth virtually stalling in October, a senior scientific adviser saying COVID-19’s Omicron variant could be spreading faster in England than where it originated in South Africa and Pfizer warning that Omicron might require a fourth shot of its vaccine. In the United States, inflation hit its highest rate for 39 years. As Germany’s cabinet became its first to be equally split between the genders, its courts ruled that a man who slipped while walking from his bed to his home office can claim on workplace accident insurance.


Best efforts were made to bring cheer, with Saga introducing a week’s paid leave for the birth of a grandchild and Viagra suggested as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. As Banksy pledged millions to turn a former prison into an arts centre and fire-damaged Californian vineyards turned tainted grapes into smoky vodka, the FTSE All-Share even ended up on the week.


Whoops, purrs, grunts and laughs showed an Indonesian coral reef to have returned rapidly to health. And real star pooch treatment was laid on for Munchkin the former Balinese street dog, with a private jet provided to fly her from New Zealand to Australia.

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