publity AG (PBY); plans to pay €1.50 dividend on 25 June 2019

Published on 12-06-2019 13:40:13
Author Michal Mierzwiak

Today publity announced that it plans to pay dividends to its shareholders on the 25th of June at €1.50 per share, as agreed in this year’s Annual Shareholder Meeting. The company has also said it will allow shareholder’s to receive dividend payments in the form of new shares, instead of cash.

Given that around 78% of publity’s shareholders opted into payment in shares, including company’s CEO Thomas Olek, who holds around 70% of the company’s shares, the company will issue c. 426.8k new shares, putting company’s share capital at €10.3m. The subscription ratio for the new issue was set at 18:1, with a subscription price of €19.26 per share.

The pro rata dividend claims were set at €1.07 per share with the remaining amount €0.43 to be paid in cash in order to meet any tax obligations.

Author: Michal Mierzwiak

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