Princess Private Equity (PEY): interim results reveal NAV total return of 9.3%

Published on 22-11-2018 08:35:27
Author Sparks Team

Princess Private Equity announced second interim dividend of €0.28/share and NAV total return at 9.3%, in line with its objective of distributing 5-8% of opening NAV pa. Direct investments in Action, Permotio and Ceridian Corporation were the largest contributors to NAV growth, with valuation developments at 11.9% YTD.

During the first nine months, Princess received €103.3m by exiting the investments, including €32m from Princess’ legacy fund portfolio. From €131.8m invested over the same period, €129m was invested in eight direct equity investments.

Richard Battey, Chairman of Princess said: “In the first nine months of 2018 Princess continued to develop positively, with performance driven by strong EBITDA growth at portfolio company level.”

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