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29-06-2018 07:33:17 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

appScatter Group (APPS); update: 2018 progress and directorate change

Stock flat at 56.5p at 8:05

During the first half of 2018, APPS had exchanged the contracts for acquisition of Priori Data GmbH, and signed new partnerships with Airpush and IronSource. The company also announced that its finance director, Manish Kotecha, stepped down from the board with immediate effect, and will be leaving the company.

29-06-2018 07:41:23 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Target Healthcare (THRL): Acquisition of two care homes for £37m

Stock up 0.90% to 112p at 8:20

THRL has announced the acquisition of two luxury, high quality care homes in Cirencester and Camberley, for a total consideration of £37 million.

02-07-2018 07:20:20 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Regional REIT (RGL); Disposal of industry property portfolio for £39.1m

Stock up 0.74% to 95.70p at 8:00

RGL announced the disposal of an industrial property portfolio for £39.1m, having increased 24.1% since the December 2017 valuation and representing a net initial yield of 6.9%.

02-07-2018 07:25:20 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Abzena (ABZA); signs strategic agreements with Telix for $5.9m

Stock up 1.10% to 09.20p at 8:05

ABZA signs GMP manufacturing and bioconjugation agreements with Telix Pharmaceuticals (Telix) for a combined value of $5.9m. These projects are estimated to be largely completed within a 15-month period.

02-07-2018 07:33:57 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

StatPro Group (SOG); acquires regulatory risk services bureau from ODDO BHF

Stock flat at 172.0p at 8:07

SOG has acquired ODDO BHF’s regulatory risk services bureau for an undisclosed sum in cash. ODDO BHF’s risk services have annualised recurring revenues of approximately €1.7m.

02-07-2018 07:35:43 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

UK Commercial Property REIT (UKCM); enters UK REIT regime and announces name change

Stock flat at 88.0p at 8:08

With effect from 1 July 2018, the company has entered the UK REIT regime. The company’s name has been changed to UK Commercial Property REIT Limited.

02-07-2018 07:42:50 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

BioPharma Credit (BPCR); investment update

Stock flat at 1.04USD at 8:14

BPCR announced that the company, together with other investors, has funded the $200m second tranche of the aggregate $500m loan to TESARO, Inc. announced on 21 November 2017.

02-07-2018 07:45:18 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

7digital Group(7DIG); trading suspended temporarily

The trading of 7DIG’s ordinary shares is temporarily suspended under AIM Rule 40 from 7.30 a.m. on Monday 2 July 2018 as they have not published the audited annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 December 2017 by 30 June 2018.

02-07-2018 07:57:29 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Paul Hickman

Jas Bagniewski, CEO of Eve Sleep, resigns following reports that first half sales are up 61%

In part this is a traditional story for a small company just a year post IPO. Expectations have not been met and heads must roll. No matter that what has been delivered would be the envy of terrestrial competitors.

03-07-2018 07:32:38 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Solid State (SOLI); FY results: strong organic revenue growth and strategic re-organisation

For the year ending 31 March 2018, Revenue from continuing operations grew 16% YoY to £46.3m (2017: £40.0m) and Profit attributable to equity shareholders rose 21% to £2.24m (2017: £1.85m). Diluted EPS from profit attributable to shareholders grew 20% to 26.0p per share (2017: 21.6p).

03-07-2018 07:36:24 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Caledonia Mining Corporation (CMCL); announces quarterly dividend of 6.875 cents per share

CMCL has declared a quarterly dividend of six and seven eighths United States cents (US$0.06875) on each of the company’s common shares with dividend cheque mailing date of 27 July 2018.

03-07-2018 07:37:12 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Cohort (CHRT);FY results; performance in line with company expectation; operating profit up 8%

Stock down 1.64% to 359.00p at 8:09

For the year ended 30 April 2018, CHRT’s revenue declined 1% y/y to £111.8m, while adjusted operating income grew 8% y/y to £15.6m. Order intake was lower at £76.6m (FY17 – £108.6m) primarily due to delays.

03-07-2018 07:42:59 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Marshall Motor (MMH); robust H1 performance; FY outlook at upper end of expectations

Stock up 0.90% to 168.00p at 8:07

MMH noted in its H1 pre-close, ahead of results on 14 August 2018, that the group delivered positive performance despite a challenging UK new vehicle market. It expects underlying profit before tax to be higher, even against a record performance reported in H1-17.

03-07-2018 07:44:28 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Entertainment One (ETO); purchases the remaining stake in Sierra Pictures

Stock up 0.50% to 358.2p at 8:08

ETO, further to its initial investment in 2015, purchased the remaining stake as well in Sierra Pictures resulting in full ownership.

03-07-2018 07:45:15 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

appScatter Group (APPS); acquires Priori Data for £13.5m

Stock flat at 55.0p at 8:13

APPS has acquired Priori Data for a total consideration of £13.5m, with £1.8m in cash and £11.7m by the issue of 16,667,157 new ordinary shares in the company (Consideration Shares) at an effective issue price of 70p per ordinary share (Ordinary Shares).

04-07-2018 07:13:07 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

eServGlobal (ESG); secures three-year contract for its PayMobile platform

ESG has secured a new three-year contract worth US$1.25m with an existing customer for its flagship PayMobile platform.

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