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13-06-2018 07:33:58 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

APQ Global (APQ); appoints John Toshack to its International Advisory Council

Stock up 1.60% to 95.0p at 8:03

APQ appointed John Toshack as a member of its International Advisory Council (IAC). John will be focussing on opportunities related to investments in Digital Assets and Distributed Ledger Technology.

13-06-2018 07:37:21 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

MedicX Fund (MXF); to sell 368,440 ordinary shares from treasury for scrip dividend scheme

Stock up 1.0% to 81p at 8:18

MXF has announced that 368,440 ordinary shares will be sold out of treasury on 29 June 2018 to shareholders as part of the scrip dividend alternative. The ordinary shares will have no par value since shareholders will receive cash for June 2018 dividend for quarter end 31 March 2018.

13-06-2018 07:42:06 • 3 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Norcros (NXR); FY prelims; 9th year of growth; revenue up 10.7%, underlying op. profit up 15.1%

Stock up 4.24% to 207.96p at 8:14

NXR’s annual revenue as of year ended March 2018 grew 10.7% to £300.1m (+8.6% CC, +4.4% LFL CC); underlying operating profit grew 15.1% to £27.4, reflecting improved performance in South Africa and Triton businesses as well as the contribution from Merlyn (acquired in November 2017 for £59.1m).

13-06-2018 07:48:47 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Amur Minerals Corporation (AMC); drill programme update: approx. 25% of planned target completed

Stock down 1.17% to 5.06p at 8:09

AMC has announced the 2018 drill results till 31 May 2018 for its wholly owned Kun-Manie nickel copper sulphide project. Forty-one drill holes were completed including significant portion of the drill programme to fulfil Russian licencing requirements.

14-06-2018 07:24:02 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Abzena (ABZA); plans to monetise royalty-bearing ABZENA Inside products for short-term WC needs

Stock down 6.76% to 17.25p at 8:07

ABZA has signed a non-binding agreement to sell an interest in future royalties relating to ABZENA Inside products. The company intends to utilise the funds for short-term working capital (WC) needs.

14-06-2018 07:28:48 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Globalworth Real Est (GWI); €450m equity capital raised by subsidiary Globalworth Poland Real

GWI announced the equity capital raise of €450m by its Warsaw subsidiary Globalworth Poland Real estate N.V. (GPRE) through private placement of ordinary shares at €1.57 per share.

14-06-2018 07:29:35 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

OnTheMarket (OTMP); announces listing agreements with over 9,000 agent branches

Stock up 0.84% to 179.0p at 8:03

As of 13 June, OTMP has signed listing agreements with UK estate and letting agents with more than 9,000 offices. The company has added over 3,500 branches since its admission to AIM on 9 February representing a growth of more than 63%.

14-06-2018 07:32:10 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Primary Health Properties (PHP); acquisition of Moredon Medical Centre worth £6.1m in net asset

Stock down 0.18% to 113.60p at 8:08

PHP has announced the acquisition of Moredon Medical Centre, worth £6.1m in net assets through a wholly owned subsidiary.

14-06-2018 07:40:16 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Tungsten Corp (TUNG); clarification on speculation about proposal for a general meeting

Stock up 0.93% to 54p at 8:18

TUNG has clarified that while no proposal for a general meeting has been received, Odey Asset Management LLP (Odey) has indicated that it intends to propose resolutions to seek removal of certain directors of the Board of TUNG.

15-06-2018 07:07:46 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Stobart Group (STOB); former CEO removed from board

Stock up 0.31% to 267.32p at 8:07

STOB has announced the removal of its former CEO Andrew Tinkler from its board of directors.

15-06-2018 07:10:36 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

KEFI Minerals (KEFI); Conditional Placing and Subscription of new ordinary shares for up to £5.

Stock down 20.28% to 2.83p at 8:07

KEFI Minerals has announced that it has conditionally raised £3m (US$4m) through a placing of 120m new ordinary shares of 1.7p each at an issue price of 2.5p to existing and new shareholders and intends to issue up to a further 100m shares.

15-06-2018 07:11:10 • 3 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Record (REC); FY18 results: AUME up 7% in USD terms (down 5% in GBP terms) and revenue and EPS up 4%

Stock down 4.76% to 44.38p at 8:00

REC’s AUME (31 March 2018) grew 7% YoY to $62.2bn (fell 5% to £44.3bn in GBP terms). Revenue rose 4% YoY to £23.8m, while costs (before variable pay) grew 13% YoY largely due to additional headcount, resulting in operating margin declining to 31% (2017: 34%). EPS grew 4% YoY to 3.03p, taking into account the tender offer (July 2017).

15-06-2018 07:30:38 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Ebiquity (EBQ); partners with Snapchat to enhance third party measurement

Stock up 3.10% to 66.5p at 8:08

EBQ has joined the Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) program of Snapchat. The program will enable clients to access and analyse a greater granularity of data and help them better understand Snapchat’s effectiveness at driving engagement and ROI.

18-06-2018 07:40:45 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

KEFI Minerals (KEFI); FY results; loss before tax of £6.266m

Stock down 6.59% to 2.55p at 8:19

KEFI has announced its results for the year ending 31 December 2017. Exploration cost was £146,000 (2016: £125,000) and diluted loss was 1.987p per share (2016 loss: 0.628p per share).

18-06-2018 07:48:36 • 1 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

appScatter Group (APPS); update on Priori Data acquisition

Stock flat at 57.0p at 8:15

The revised final long stop date of 15 June 2018 under the sale & purchase agreement between APPS and Priori Data has passed without the acquisition being completed. Both the parties continue to work constructively towards the completion of the acquisition.

18-06-2018 07:49:16 • 2 minute(s) read
Author Sparks Team

Standard Life Private Equity Trust (SLPE); interim results: NAV total return of +1.5%

For the six months ended 31 March 2018, SLPE’s NAV total return was 1.5%. The NAV per ordinary share rose 0.2% to 390.4p (30 September 2017: 389.6p).

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