Published on 18-06-2020 12:50:00

An unprecedented technical glitch brought the drama to yesterday’s Premier League return. The explanation? All seven goal-line cameras were ‘occluded’. And that’s the sense we’re getting today as markets are flat – maybe they’re blinded by the big stuff. We await more news from central banks, there are fears of a second wave. Meanwhile inflation is low, but we don’t fully know how to measure it under COVID-19. Meanwhile, it’s clear the professional investment playbook is being re-written, and if you don’t know what yield-curve control is, you will do later today.

With everything up in the air, what would have been a compelling ‘shock and awe’ chapter of the Brexit story hardly gets a look in. With the UK’s global influence on the wane, does anyone care as the Foreign Secretary points the finger at China and Russia?

Tesco is dialling back its global ambitions, too. Few will mourn mini-bonds being banned from sale to retail investors and it’s good to see Ted Baker raising £105m the right way. Warehouse REIT, too, as it raises a hefty £175m. Taylor Wimpey is on a land-buying spree and raised £500m, and there are 7,500 new jobs on the way from DPD and Kingfisher.

With everything that’s going on, you probably want to kick back. Reassure yourself that you’re more in control of the ageing process than you think. And even on chaos-filled days like today, there are ways to increase your ability to focus. If you want to have your social distancing cake and eat it, just remember the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Finally, last Monday 240 people tuned in to watch the first in a series of webinars – hosted by Edison and Trust Associates – focused on the challenges facing investment trusts. Watch the full episode here if you missed out.

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