MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Capital AG (MPCK); launches healthcare strategy in its real estate segment

Published on 14-03-2019 10:28:00
Author Milosz Papst

Yesterday MPC revealed that it has expanded its real estate portfolio, entering the healthcare segment in the Netherlands. Until now, assets under management (AUM) in the real estate segment, consisted of office, retail and residential properties only.

The initial investment and development portfolio consists of three medical centres in the Netherlands. The company has also initiated the development of a primary care medical centre in Alphen ad Rijn as well as the construction of a private nursing home in Bodegraven, both located in the Netherlands. MPC intends to buy further healthcare development and portfolio projects in the country together with international institutional investors.

This follows the announcement that MPC’s Dutch subsidiary, Cairn Real Estate, secured €30m in a capital increase completed recently. It will now use the funds to develop its portfolio, with a leveraged target value of c. €70m.

Pieter Akkerman, Managing Director at Cairn Real Estate, commented that “Throughout the Netherlands, we are seeing a rise in the demand for health services with a growing and ageing population that is suffering from a greater incidence of chronic diseases.”

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