Mood – Counting the cost

Published on 24-09-2020 13:00:00

As the FTSE100 tries to digest another major US sell-off, it’s a day for getting out the abacuses and making sure everything still adds up.

Rishi Sunak is checking what’s left in the coffers after cancelling the budget. There’s plenty to figure out, with 10,000 more people than normal dying at home since June. It also turns out that workers don’t need as much lipstick and shower gel when they don’t have to go into offices.

Action is being taken to balance the books. Tesco’s CEO is getting preachy about food wasteDogs are sniffing out whether people at Helsinki Airport have COVID-19. At a London train station robots with ultraviolet lights are going further by trying to actually kill the virus.

In America, Trump believes the pivotal empty seat on America’s Supreme Court may decide the presidential election. Meanwhile, JP Morgan is moving $230bn of assets from the UK to Germany in a Brexit shift. Americans’ love affair with pick-up trucks might also be derailing their retirement.

New endings need to be figured out in Hollywood as Cineworld ponders its future after a £1.3bn loss and Disney delays its Black Widow launch. Facebook apparently wants more credit for its role in spreading the Me Too and Black Lives Matter messages.

Elsewhere, it’s a topsy-turvy world. Bass fishermen in Utah are getting prosecuted for misrepresenting their catch, A man has also died from eating too much black liquorice.

Surpluses are still being recorded. Surging online sneaker sales have kicked Nike shares to an all-time high, Qantas is making money from selling off fully-stocked 747 bar carts And, as the shares of a little-known Hong Kong electric vehicle company increased 12-fold on its stock market debut, Edison client Trackwise Designs also saw EV power up its stock .

In America’s unbalanced housing market ‘Amazon rooms’ are becoming a must-have for the wealthy. And in non-league football, Ryan Reynolds has enough cash to swoop with a shock bid for Wrexham.

Finally, at least six-month old Rich Casey Humpherys doesn’t have to worry about talking before he can walk. He’s just become the world’s youngest ever water-skier.

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