Mood – Watered down, but cheered by a ‘worse for wear’ Antarctic penguin making it to New Zealand (4/10)

Published on 15-11-2021 12:15:58


After last-minute changes were made to the Glasgow Climate Pact, we’re feeling fragile and diluted. Although Boris insists that changing the commitment from phasing out coal to phasing it down won’t ‘make that much of a difference’, some delegates are calling COP26 a ‘monumental failure’. Elsewhere, the risk of an accidental war with Russia is said to be the highest in decades. As Austria introduces a COVID-19 lockdown for two million unvaccinated people, some anti-vaxxers in the UK are boycotting Tesco because its Christmas advert features a double-vaccinated Santa. A new report claims people are dying in the back of ambulances and up to 160,000 more a year are coming to harm because they are stuck outside hospitals, unable to be admitted to A&E departments. As Biden and Xi Jinping prepare for tonight’s virtual mini-summit, China’s property slowdown is deepening. The FTSE All Share is fairly wobbly.


Still, Airbus has an order for 255 jets in its first major deal since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, while second hand car prices rose by a record 25.6% in the year to October. Shell is moving to a single-share structure and dropping ‘Royal Dutch’ from its name. Engineering group IMI is buying life-sciences manufacturer Adaptas Solutions for $271m, while Donald Trump is said to be selling his controversial Washington DC hotel for $375m. A huge Italian truffle just sold for $118,000, Liam Gallagher’s ‘Wonderwall tambourine’ has fetched £3,600 and 12,000 young Venezuelans are attempting to break the record for the world’s largest orchestra. And you can sign up for Edison’s webinar on whether cannabinoid biosynthesis will be the next big thing for investors.


Sales of board games such as Monopoly are enjoying a post-pandemic boom. And, despite appearing a ‘little worse for wear’, this Adélie penguin has become only the third in history to travel 2,000 miles and land on New Zealand.

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