Mood – Waiting for a trigger, with Dorset’s knob-throwing festival too hot to handle (8/10)

Published on 26-01-2022 00:00:00

We’re in abeyance as Biden says a Russian invasion of Ukraine would ‘change the world’, while the imminent publication of Britain’s ‘partygate’ report could prompt a fresh wave of demands for Boris’s removal. The IMF says world economic growth could slow to 4.4% this year, America’s Federal Reserve is expected to signal its first pandemic-era interest rates rise and there are warnings of the biggest stock market correction since the dotcom crash, with the world’s 10 wealthiest people having already lost $135bn this month. Nvidia is reportedly ready to abandon its $40bn takeover of computer chip designer Arm. As airlines fly near-empty ‘ghost planes’ to keep EU airport slots, British law commissions are recommending that users of self-driving cars should be given immunity from motoring offences such as dangerous driving, speeding and jumping red lights.


Microsoft has beaten expectations with profits of $18.8bn, while the founder of Internet fashion retailer Shein is considering a citizenship change to bypass proposed tougher rules for offshore IPOs. Chinese stocks are tipped to boom in a ‘year of the tiger turnaround’. The FTSE All Share is on a roll.


Day two of Edison’s Open House on Global Healthcare is focusing on novel approaches of bringing new products to market, while Sony Music Entertainment says buying Bob Dylan’s catalogue to for up to $200m will help it explore new ways of making his music available to younger generations. As Melania Trump’s hat sale has become collateral damage of a cryptocurrency crash, Julian Lennon is auctioning an NFT of Paul McCartney’s notes for Hey Jude.


As a Dorset knob-throwing festival is cancelled for the third year running because its popularity is too much for organisers to handle, a study is proposing using green urban space in British cities and towns to grow almost 40% of the nation’s fruit and vegetables – and 224 new species, including the ghostly monkey and slug snake have been located in southeast Asia’s Mekong region.

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