Mood – Trying to stay in the black

Published on 27-11-2020 12:38:43

Black Friday is apparently becoming a concept, rather than a day. However, with a third of England set to face the toughest pandemic curbs, we’re pinning hopes on record activity and there’s a late dash to stock up on EU goods before the Brexit transition ends. Tesla’s admittance to the S&P 500 is fuelling ‘crazy’ trading, Unilever is making an historic new beginning and digital activity is helping Daily Mirror publisher Reach beat expectations. As furlough levels return to their summer high, AstraZeneca is trying to dispel doubts about its COVID-19 vaccine.

Not everyone’s on board. The FTSE 100 is trading lower. Black Friday has been postponed in France and former Greece finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is calling for a boycott of Amazon. Google and Facebook face tougher UK competition rules. Poland and Hungary are moving deeper into EU isolation. Fridays may also become our last day with mail for 72 hours. Pubs chain JD Wetherspoon is railing against more enforced closures, while Marks & Spencer is set to darken its doors on Boxing Day. Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia Group is said to be on the brink of administration. Pension chiefs are unhappy about Rishi Sunak’s ‘tax grab’.

We may have to drive electric cars for 50,000 miles before they benefit the environment, but 50 million Americans have travelled for Thanksgiving, despite what happened in Wuhan after the Chinese New Year. If you want to play Prince William in a new biopic, just make sure you have a foreign passport. Whether you’re bullish or bearish about a COVID-19 recovery, please let us know via this survey.


Cheer up. Scientists have discovered a plant that has evolved to be able to hide from humans. Plus, we’re closer to understanding why the sun shines.

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