Mood – Making a transition

Published on 24-11-2020 12:40:08

As Trump finally signals he will cooperate with America’s next president, other areas are in great transition too. The US is to have its first female treasury secretary and Latino homeland security chief, while the incoming administration is warming relations with NATO and the EU. The FTSE 100 is trading higher on hopes that vaccines can get us back to normal from next spring and a market strategist predicts a huge boom in the second quarter of 2021 if vaccines prove effective.

Boris has set out plans for COVID-19 restrictions after the current lockdown and we may have a Brexit deal this week. The oil price has hit an eight-month high, Elon Musk is now the world’s second richest man and Red Bull is paying out €550m to its founders. Retailers Pets at Home and AO World have posted better results, while Debenhams may be getting a new owner with deeper pockets. Plus Edison client Treatt has put in a strong and resilient performance.

The Pope has opened his door to basketball stars but other changes will be painful as they go through the hoops. Gold is at a four-month low and cheese prices are plunging. Caterer Compass Group’s profits have fallen by 86%, while British Airways is transitioning to an aviation world with less crockery. And a New Zealand minister is railing against the description of older people as ‘boomers’.

Fear not. Microchips are being supersized with a trillion transistors to create cleverer artificial intelligence. However, this customer didn’t need any help from robots to leave an enormous tip after drinking one beer.

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