Today’s mood – Compromising

Published on 29-09-2020 13:00:00

The FTSE 100 may be refusing to follow yesterday’s sharp rise in the Dow, but elsewhere compromise is very much in the air. With rebel Tories said to be assuaged by a slight lockdown rule change and hopes of a Brexit deal, there are signs of agreements nearing on even the most highly contested issues.

Greggs says it is trying to minimise job losses by reducing employees’ hours as it copes with fresh slowdown concerns, Pizza Hut has agreed a deal with landlords that will see 29 restaurants close, adults without A-levels are to be offered free courses and United Airlines pilots have agreed to a furlough deal.

Some decisive actions have been taken. The billionaire Blackburn brothers are close to taking over Asda and Uber has won its fight against closure in London, while Japan is banning ‘ladies and gentlemen’ flight announcements.

More compromises may be needed. Sadiq Khan wants a £5bn cash boost for London, while Malta would like Prince George to return his fossilised shark tooth.

However, there’s progress too on some long-standing issues. A new super-enzyme is eating plastic bottles six times faster than previous methods, salty ponds may offer hope of life on Mars and Richard Nixon’s half-eaten buffalo barbecue sandwich definitely still exists.

Of course, areas remain where compromises may not be enough. A kindergarten teacher covered in tattoos has been deemed too scary for children under six, Romanian villagers have re-elected a dead mayor, errors have been found in a 75-year-old number-cruncher’s bible and nobody can figure out the mystery of the stolen $600 worth of cat blood. 

Yet, in the spirit of understanding, spare a thought for the 89-year-old Papa John’s pizza delivery driver who has just won a $12,000 tip from TikTok users for simply ’being awesome’.

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