Monday’s mood – Manufacturing hope

Published on 28-09-2020 12:20:00

A jump in Chinese factory profits is helping manufacture hope and sent the FTSE 100 higher today, despite the global COVID-19 death toll reaching one million and Britain facing another indoor social-distancing crackdown.

As Gove heads to Brussels for the last Brexit talks, the pound is gaining on the euro and the dollar on belief that an agreement might actually be reached. A Bank of England rate-setter also thinks negative interest rates could be a good idea.


Some corporates are full of optimism. Aldi is creating 4,000 jobs, Diageo is seeing a marked improvement in business, bookmaker William Hill has attracted a US takeover approach and HSBC’s shares are bouncing back after a show of faith from its largest investor.


Britain’s richest man sees sunnier climes in Monaco, while Trump also turns out to be enjoying paying hardly any tax. In entirely unconnected news, Pablo Escobar’s nephew has found $18bn hidden inside his uncle’s wall.


Other light is coming down the tunnel. Greta has inspired an eight-year-old planetary campaigner in India and you’ll no longer go to jail for not paying your TV licence. Edison is in the headlines with managing director of content and strategy Neil Shah dubbed ‘the Sage of Holborn’ by the Financial Times after his stock-picking strategy returned 1,170% over 12 years.


We need to keep manufacturing hope as times get tougher. There’s fighting in Azerbaijan, while zombie fires burn underground in Siberia.


At home, Rishi is being accused of consigning a million jobs to the scrapheap. In Europe, Airbus is producing its last ever superjumbo and it might be time to finally say goodbye to Japan’s ever-present fax machines.


Still, hope springs eternal in science. We could soon have carbon-sucking bionic weeds and researchers say paradox-free time travel is technically possible.

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