Mood – Lacklustre (3/10)

Published on 08-06-2022 13:11:30

We’re losing our get up and go, with Boris described as a ‘dead man walking’ and said to lack ‘enough fight’ for the next general election. Rebel Tories plan the same ‘vote strikes’ strategy that helped unseat Theresa May, while Labour is calling for an investigation into Sajid Javid’s tax affairs. The World Bank has sharply downgraded its global economic outlook. Although the average UK house price hit a record high in May, the rate of growth is slowing. The FTSE All Share is weak and feeble.


Corporates are still seeing opportunities to make money, with Zara’s owner’s profits increasing by 80% and demand at flexible offices provider Workspace Group returning to pre-pandemic levels. A study says adoption of untapped technology could boost Britain’s economy by an annual £232bn. In Manhattan, you now have to earn $160,000 to be sure of renting an apartment, but licking fish roe from one’s fist is becoming a thing.

Gains are being made, with all the cancer patients in a drug trial appearing to be cured for the ‘first time in history’ and social robots tipped to impact America’s loneliness epidemic. The EU has agreed a ‘landmark’ 40% quota for women on corporate boards. As loggers outnumber trees in Nigeria’s disappearing forests, New Zealand is to put a price on sheep and cow burps to cut greenhouse gases.


It has taken a lettuce shortage in Australia to force KFC to put cabbage in its burgers. But a Californian court has found a way to protect the bumblebee by ruling that it’s a fish.

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