Mood – Hopelessly headed for heavenly disharmony with a dimmer Betelgeuse and a wrongly-cremated cat (4/10)

Published on 17-06-2021 13:56:49

As Dominic Cummings claims Boris called Matt Hancock ‘totally hopeless’ and the health secretary doesn’t think he is, some other things seem amiss. Biden and Putin made little progress at their Geneva summit talks, despite speaking ‘the same language’. Keir Starmer is to borrow Hillary Clinton’s slogan to claim that Britain is ‘Stronger Together’. The Fed’s disclosure that interest rates could rise twice in 2023 has strengthened the dollar but hit UK stocks. As Kim Jong-un admits the food situation is ‘tense’ in North Korea, China’s first crew to man its new ‘Heavenly Harmony’ space station is on its way.



Aon’s $30bn takeover of fellow insurance broker Willis Towers could be blocked by the US Department of Justice. As’s shares fell 7% on the furniture firm’s London trading debut, commodities broker Marex Spectron pulled a London IPO due to ‘challenging’ market conditions. Paul Pogba has followed Ronaldo in upsetting a Euro 2020 sponsor. As a $110m headpiece promises to unlock the secrets of the mind, the Merseyside pub that was renamed the Three Bellends in protest at the government’s lockdown is now to be called The Two Helmets.



Still, hotel group Whitbread and ticketing app Trainline have rebounded from pandemic misery and Dr Martens has kicked off its listed status with a 22% earnings rise. OnlyFans is seeking to be valued above $1bn in a fund-raising, Victorian Plumbing looks set to be worth £850m and currency exchange website Wise has also unveiled plans to float. As Edison’s Open House on the future of transport continues for a third day, here’s a video of a first day presentation by Arrival, the electric vehicles start-up that could be Britain’s first meme stock. This diamond unearthed in Botswana could be the world’s third largest, while rare orchids have been found in Japanese bank Nomura’s City of London rooftop garden. This giant magnet can lift aircraft carriers and could power the future of energy.



As the world’s first wooden satellite seeks to prove that plywood can survive the harshness of space, we now know why the giant star Betelgeuse has been dimmer than usual. But this family feels a mixture of guilt and relief after cremating the wrong cat.

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