Mood – Blowing up and kicking off, with a WW2 bomb and psychic scammers (4/10)

Published on 02-12-2021 15:25:16


The markets rollercoaster continues today as the first Omicron case hits the US, while the FTSE All Share is down 0.9%. As markets pop, an even bigger bang has gone off in Munich.


It’s a day of firsts. People with HIV are to be allowed to join the armed forces and Disney elects a woman as chairman for the first time in its 98-year history. WHO members begin talks on a new pandemic treaty, while the mystery behind the AstraZeneca vaccine causing rare blood clots appears to be solved.

Other things are more familiar. Elon Musk has stolen headlines again by making light of whistleblowers on Twitter, while he also believes video game Pong shows we are living in a simulation.


Things are certainly kicking off in the corporate world. Match settles a legal fight with Tinder founders for $441m, while Admiral Casino owner Greentube Alderney is fined £685k. Darktrace and Johnson Matthey drop out of the FTSE 100, although Zog Energy has bottomed out entirely – it is the 25th UK supplier to go bust in three months. Others are getting with the net zero message. A US oil giant has committed to spending $15bn to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and Amazon now invests in 274 renewable energy projects.


Business is booming for salvage buyers, less so for psychics and astrologers who are being impersonated on Instagram. The Women’s Tennis Association suspends all tournaments in China and did you know people are microdosing on psychedelics to improve wellbeing?

Do watch our interview with Kooth CEO Tim Barker in the first of a three-part series on healthcare, and read Edison’s Kelly Perry give her thoughts on COP26 and its implications for businesses.

Finally, if you need to escape from all the drama, how about booking into the house from ‘Home Alone’ on Airbnb?

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