Mood – A feeling of déjà vu, with chocolate orange mayo and a dad killing it at the club (6/10)

Published on 03-12-2021 12:38:52


With a new virus strain driving market turbulence once again, there is a gnawing sense of déjà vu or ‘here we go again’, even though the FTSE All-Share made modest gains today. Parties are turning virtual again, while countries such as Japan are twitchy about banning inbound flights. At least COVID booster shots significantly strengthen immunity. Make sure to read our chief strategist Alastair George’s take on the situation.


Social media is influential as always as Facebook boosts crypto by unbanning bitcoin ads, while China is caught red-handed spreading misinformation and propaganda in separate campaigns by both Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve also seen some fresh, and not so fresh, approaches being taken to save the environment. British Airways is looking to recycled cooking oil fuel to cut jet emissions, while salmon sperm is being used to create an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. The UK, meanwhile, is ‘nowhere near’ meeting the targets agreed at COP26. Do read our take on hydrogen and the energy transition here.


Corporates are feeling the strain. Shares in drugmaker Sobi tumble 23% as Advent and Aurora withdraw an $8bn bid. Shell pulls out of a controversial oilfield project off of the Shetlands. And a mega $75bn takeover of chip designer Arm by Nvidia is in jeopardy after the FTC moved to block the merger. The owners of Selfridges are looking to be more successful – they’re on the cusp of selling to a Thai group for £4bn.


Finally, to ease you into the weekend, know that the world is still as weird and wonderful as ever. A dad has become an internet celebrity after going clubbing with his daughter. Terry’s and Heinz produce a ‘world-first’ chocolate orange mayonnaise. And a mum puts her baby up for sale, saying ‘need gone today’ in a sofa listing mix-up.

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