Mood – A dangerous moment

Published on 26-10-2020 12:59:13

With the World Health Organisation’s chief declaring a ‘dangerous moment,’ the market is worried that Europe’s second COVID-19 wave will be worse than the first.


Matt Hancock is refusing to rule out a fourth lockdown tier as Spain follows France in imposing curfews. In the US, COVID-19 infections are hitting new daily highs.


Shares in SAP have reacted to the hazard of a profits warning by suffering their worst fall in 24 years. In South Korea, Chairman Lee’s death may presage a shake-up at Samsung. At home, investor apathy has put paid to an IPO of an attempt to mimic Warren Buffett’s investment style.

Perils lurk in the US, where Nancy Pelosi is awaiting a ‘final yes’ from The White House for a stimulus package. Edison’s chief strategist, Alastair George believes the biggest risk from the presidential election is not a Trump or Biden victory, but an unclear or contested result.


Some developments are welcome, even overdue, however. The world is getting its first African-American cardinal. Chile has voted to tear up General Pinochet’s constitution. Online retailer The Hut Group has upgraded guidance for its maiden results. And parents cutting back on their kids’ screen time are fuelling a Barbie doll sales boom.


In science, NASA and Nokia are building 4G internet on the moon, while physicists have 3D-printed a boat so small that it could sail down a human hair, though it looks to have been by sheer chance that Pistachio, a rare green puppy, has been born in Italy.


If you think change is placing you in jeopardy, at least know that CEOs are staying ‘super-excited’. And yesterday may be one of the last times that UK clocks go back.

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