Mercia Technologies (MERC); Concepta confirms first myLotus® pregnancies

Published on 14-05-2019 08:10:06
Author Sparks Team

Mercia Technologies’ Concepta confirmed first pregnancies from early adopters of myLotus®, its home fertility testing and pregnancy tracking device. The confirmation of first pregnancies is authentication that the women’s fertility monitor, myLotus®, can successfully enhance fertility, by helping women personally monitor their hormone cycles and ovulation profiles to find their most fertile days to conceive naturally.

Concepta continues to seek out further collaborative opportunities with large diagnostic and retail pharmacy groups, as well as hospital and IVF fertility clinics, to advance myLotus® success.

Peter Dines, COO at Mercia and a Non-Executive Director of Concepta, commented: “These first pregnancies and strong testimonials from myLotus® users are hugely exciting. Concepta has made significant commercial progress since launching six months ago and we look forward to further collaborative partnerships increasing the availability of myLotus® across the UK and overseas.”

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