IQE (IQE); Unveils Advanced RF Filter Materials Portfolio at CS-Mantech

Published on 30-04-2019 08:32:07
Author Sparks Team

IQE’s technology is applicable to both high performance SAW and BAW filters. IQE is working with several Tier 1 chip providers, which will improve IQE’s technological capabilities to meet their specific design requirements.

IQE’s RF Filter materials portfolio uses novel epitaxial materials to overcome limitations in performance caused by higher frequency operation.

Dr Rodney Pelzel, VP Global Technology for IQE commented: “The active engagements that we have with numerous Tier 1 partners is a testament to the power of the IQE’s offering. The RF Filter Materials Portfolio validates IQE’s strategy of creating powerful core technologies that can then be combined to provide our customers with unique end product solutions.”

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