Good but getting real

Published on 27-05-2020 14:09:00

After yesterday’s breeziness, it’s starting to get real again.

Most markets are positive, but as US-China tensions continue to ramp and sanctions loom , currency traders are hedging furiously as they look to profit from a weakening Hong Kong dollar. Twitter declaring war on Trump probably won’t relieve that source of pressure.

And neither will Boris telling us to get over it and ‘move on’ from the Cummings scandal.

It really is bright with darker spots out there today. Merck pleases investors by joining the COVID vaccine party – but the CEO tells us not to get too excited. And the ECB is flexible over how many bonds it can buy while warning debt levels in some EU countries are dangerously high.

With IPOs back on the agenda if the market holds, there’s certainly no shortage of money. Warner Music and JDE Peet IPOs might be first in line.

In the UK, there’s a rebound in property demand but it may be short-lived. And while investment in clean energy falls, the nuclear debate is back on the cards.

As reality bites, it’s reassuring to see that gold is still a safe haven. Not so much for oil, which slips back to $34/barrel as Russia refuses to play ball.

But should we listen to predictions, anyway?

With arguments finely balanced, it’s easy to regret your decisions. But at least you haven’t made colleagues redundant via text. And you can always console yourself with a modern chef’s take on the humble sandwich by adding truffle oil.

Finally, in our latest Think Tank filmed last week, watch how income hunters can capture dividends in Asia.

Until tomorrow,
The Stream Team

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