Friday’s mood – fear of being stranded

Published on 14-08-2020 12:31:42

The race is on to return from France before tomorrow’s 4am deadline to avoid quarantine. Meanwhile, the FTSE 100 is taking flight, worried that stocks also risk being stranded, with both sides in the US stimulus negotiations said to remain ’miles apart’.

There are worries that, after the strongest 100-day surge in stocks since 1933, the US has ’melted up’ to unsustainable levels. Perhaps that’s why New Yorkers abandoning the Big Apple for the Catskills are creating an American property hotspot.

The faltering US-China trade deal is now said to be the nations’ strongest link, while there are also concerns that Trump exiting the Paris accord will hurt the US economy.

Warren Buffett is being urged by a veteran Berkshire Hathaway investor to diversify by selling some of his $110bn of shares in Apple, which has meanwhile banned Fortnite from its App Store. Airbnb says the party’s over for under-25s.

Fears of being marooned are also haunting some stocks in Asia, Cathay Pacific’s owner Swire faces ejection from the Hang Seng. China’s Huawei is to be shut out of India’s 5G trials.

In Britain, mayor Sadiq Khan admits that staff still working from home is a ‘big problem’ for central London. UK takeovers are at a 16-year low, while New Look may have to be rescued for the second time in 18 months.

At least some pathways remain open. The lockdown has been a positive driver of demand for photo-printing services, according to Edison client Claranova. Film effects group DNEG is said to be mulling a share sale after it shelved its plans for an IPO last year. 

EasyJet has also still been able to raise £608m from aircraft sales, while appointing Kamala Harris has brought $48bn into Biden’s presidential campaign.

If you’re concerned about getting a job, perhaps there are opportunities in online sales. And if you’re worried about getting a drink, fret not robot bartenders will soon be able to make you one.

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