European Assets Trust NV (EAT): to propose migration to the UK

Published on 16-11-2018 08:34:19
Author Sparks Team

European Assets Trust announced that it plans to propose the migration of the company’s legal seat and structure from the Netherlands to the UK. There will be no change to the investment policy or dividend policy as a result of this migration and the investment team will also remain the same.

According to the company, the benefits associated with the proposal will simplify the corporate structure, turn the fund into a UK resident investment trust and create a single jurisdiction for current and future regulation. The move will also reduce ongoing charges, lead to a listing on the on the London Stock Exchange and eligibility for inclusion in the FTSE UK Index Series. European Assets Trust PLC will no longer be listed in the Netherlands.

The migration will be proposed to the trust’s shareholders subject to receipt of certain regulatory approvals and other consents which are presently being sought. It is likely that the company will provide a further update during the week starting 26 November 2018.

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