Destiny Pharma (DEST); appoints MedPharm to develop XF-platform drug formulations

Published on 27-03-2019 08:27:01
Author Sparks Team

Destiny Pharma has appointed MedPharm to develop new formulations of its XF-platform compounds as treatments for dermal and ocular infections. MedPharm will develop compounds for the treatment of several topically treated infections, including diabetic foot ulcers and ophthalmic infections. The XF-platform has already delivered XF-73 nasal gel for the prevention of post-surgical infections. The phase 2b testing trial will begin in 2019.

Neil Clark, Destiny Pharma’s CEO, commented: “We are pleased to be working with MedPharm and using their globally recognised expertise to develop effective, patient-friendly formulations of XF and DPD drugs from our novel antimicrobial XF-platform. There is an unmet medical need for novel anti-infectives that address dermal and ocular infections with a significantly reduced level of antimicrobial resistance.”

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