Cautiously cautious

Published on 04-06-2020 14:32:17

The mood out there is cautious. Cautiously cautious, even – as we indulge in a collective pause for thought.

What if it’s just FOMO that has been fuelling the markets? Some smart money thinks that might be the case and it’s braced for a second plunge. A crucial ECB stimulus decision today means traders are cautiously waiting – get live updates here.

Banks are shifting in their seats too as they’re asked to tally losses. And they’re being cautious with their staff, although Barclays sends traders back next month. In Hong Kong, meanwhile, two banks are being decidedly decisive by backing China’s security law.

In car news, sales are down 90%, dealership Lookers cuts jobs, as does Aston Martin. It’s not great for fossil fuels in general. A new report predicts the collapse of the industry, and did you know there’s been an oil spill in Russia? Putin isn’t happy, to put it mildly.

But there’s still enough good news to prevent caution becoming something worse as the UK government gives another boost to businesses, and 98% of us say we’re happy to buy takeaway food again.

Science is also doing its bit to lighten the mood. A new study says we can detect hand gestures even when we can’t see them, artificial kidneys are one step closer to reality, and crowdsourcing is accelerating neuroscience – even when scientists aren’t in the lab.

Until tomorrow,
The Stream Team

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