Allied Minds (ALM); HawkEye 360 successfully launches its Pathfinder mission

Published on 04-12-2018 09:00:42
Author Sparks Team

Allied Minds portfolio company, HawkEye 360, announced the successful launch of its first of three pathfinder satellite clusters aboard Spaceflight’s SSO-A. The launch used a SmallSat Express rideshare on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

HawkEye 360 is developing foundational products that build global awareness of spectrum deployment, creating an RF data layer for the planet. The resulting analytical products will help customers assess suspicious vessel activity and risk, survey how frequencies are used, detect communication interference, evaluate communication outages during disasters and help rescuers search for people in distress.

Now that the Pathfinder satellites have reached orbit, the company will initiate system checkout and begin to manoeuvre the satellites into position over the next several weeks. The satellites will be able to identify and precisely geolocate a broad set of RF signals from emitters such as VHS push-to-talk radios, maritime radar systems, AIS beacons, VSAT terminals, emergency beacons and more.

John Serafini, HawkEye 360’s CEO, commented: “The successful launch of our Pathfinder satellites is the biggest moment in our company’s young history. We combined our varied expertise in small satellites, signals processing and data analytics to bring a new source of RF information to the market. This is the first time a commercial company has utilised formation flying satellites for RF detection.”

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