Aberdeen Asian (AAIF); announces FY18 annual report, revealing an EPS down from 9.58p for FY17 to 9.

Published on 05-04-2019 07:24:06
Author Sparks Team

Aberdeen Asian announced its FY18 annual report today, revealing NAV total returns for the year ended 31 December 2018 were -5.5%, ahead of an 8.3% decline in the MSCI All Country Asia Pacific ex-Japan Index. Also, ordinary share price total returns were down 6.2% to 195.8p for the same period.

Dividends announced during the year amounted to 9.15p per share, a 1.7% increase compared to 9.00p last year. As of year-end, total gearing for the company was £36.9m, representing net gearing of 8.9% (2017: 7.1%).

The company expects market volatility to persist due to US-China trade tensions and political uncertainty in Indonesia and India. However, the Fed’s dovish stance on policy, coupled with Beijing’s rollout of consumption-led stimulus, is likely to aid sustainable growth.

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