2G Energy AG (2GB); Q119 sales increase 15.5% year-on-year

Published on 29-05-2019 09:56:00
Author Sparks Team

2G Energy (2G), a manufacturer of gas driven combined heat and power systems, today released its Q119 figures. In the period, the company’s net sales increased 15.5% year-on-year to €36.4m and total operating performance reached €50.3m, up 19.6%. EBIT increased by €0.5m to €0.9m and EBIT margin stood at 2.5%, double as much as in the previous year.

2G highlights it continues to implement three projects aimed at increasing the company’s sales as well as improving efficiency of its industrial processes. This includes a partner concept coupled with internationalisation, a digitisation project and a ‘Lead-to-Lean’ programme.

On the back of positive business development to date, the company confirmed its FY19 forecast. 2G still expects its net sales will reach €210-230m and EBIT margin will be 5.5%-7.0%.

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