1Spatial (SPA); secures contract worth €1m with Ireland’s Property Registration Authority

Published on 18-01-2019 09:01:46
Author Sparks Team

1Spatial has been awarded a €1m four-year contract to provide its software and services to Ireland’s Property Registration Authority (PRA), and a three-year framework contract to support Ordnance Survey (OS) in its endeavour to deliver the next generation of Geo-Production system.

1Spatial previously helped PRA build its mapping system. 1Spatial will provide services of up to €250,000 and receive recurring software revenues of €750,000 over a four-year period.

1Spatial has supported OS for many years to efficiently deliver accurate, up-to-date geographic data to customers using a continually product-ready database. Discussions about potential workflow are underway. The first purchase order under this framework agreement is expected soon.

Claire Milverton, 1Spatial’s CEO, commented: “These wins add recurring revenues to the 1Spatial business, demonstrating continued progress of our land and expand strategy and build upon a growing pipeline for the group; particularly highlighting the company’s growing focus on and success in the government sector.”

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